The Goal

Our goal is to establish a higher level of voluntary clinical care which will complement the CFR activity.

The success of Rapid Response teams has already been proven in Cork over the last several years, through the voluntary operation of West Cork Rapid Response and East Cork Rapid Response.

It is our belief that enhanced critical care pre hospital can be lifesaving and that every area and should have such an advanced scheme in time. We hope that over the next few years that we will have developed a number of Response Vehicles throughout our area.

Our Doctor

The WWRR doctor, Dr. David Menzies is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at St. Vincent's University Hospital.

He is also the national clinical lead for adult critical care retrieval and the clinical lead for the central trauma network in Ireland’

Dr Menzies responds voluntarily in his own time when circumstances allow. He is one of only 5 doctors on call to the National Ambulance Service country wide and the only such doctor in the east of the country.

Calls for assistance from WWRR come either directly from NAS control in Tallaght or from the crews already on scene where they have identified a need for specialist assistance.

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